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  • Party Chest [Dino] Ages 2-10
SKU: Z0002

Party Chest [Dino] Ages 2-10


Embark on a prehistoric adventure with our all-in-one Dinosaur party pack!

Perfectly designed for a gathering of ten (10) young explorers, ages 2-10.

Each item serves as a handy tool for their excavation adventure!

  • 10 x 15 x 24 inch Box

    Ages 2-10

    x10 Dinosaur Eggs

    x10 Excavation Picks

    x10 Watercolor Palletes

    x10 Pocket Notebooks, Green

    x10 Happy Birthday Pencils, Sharpened

    x1 Happy Birthday Banner

    x1 Tablecloth

    x10 Balloons + Strings

    x10 Canvases [Watercolor]

    x15 Food Utensil Sets, Biodegradable [Fork/Knife/Spoon]

    x15 Cups

    x15 Large Plates

    x15 Small Plates

    x1 Package wipes

    x10 Candles
    x20 Party Horns

    Bundle of napkins!

    This is a unique, all-in-one box product packing everything you require!

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