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  • Graduate Chest - [CLASS OF 2024]
SKU: Z00004

Graduate Chest - [CLASS OF 2024]


First Edition.

Be the first to set the standard with the Zimtality celebratory Graduate Chest, Class of 2024!


Elevate your graduation experience with this curated package that commemorates your achievement.

Designed for those who seek to cherish their special moment, the Graduate Chest is the perfect gift to accentuate your memories.

With this crafted gift, we are thrilled to have the privilege of contributing to your unique journey!

  • 8 x 10 x 5 inch Box

    Age range: You decide!

    1. CLASS OF 2024 Graduation Bear w/ Cap and Tassel
    2. CLASS OF 2024 Adventure Necklace
    3. CLASS OF 2024 Ribbon and Candy Lay
    4. CLASS OF 2024 Notepad with Emblem
    5. x2 Floral Decorations!
    6. CLASS OF 2024 Ballpoint Ben w/ Attached '2024' Charm!

    This is a First Edition, unique gift product for new Graduates. It will pack everything you require to kickoff the joyful vibes!

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